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The blade has been constructed from two grades of carbon steel. This technique is called a Sanmai Lamination. The Core of the Katana has been constructed from a high carbon steel allowing the cutting edge to be very hard and retain a sharp edge. The core is then sandwiched between medium carbon that reinforce the blades core but still allow flexibility. Each layer must be meticulously constructed then forged together. This requires a master smith, any crack or imperfection renders the entire blade useless. The result of this construction is a blade with an HRC of 40 degrees on the Mune and 57 HRC on the Ha.

* Overall Length: 41.5 "
* Blade: Razor Sharp
* Blade Length: 29.5 "
* Blade Width @ Habaki: 1.2
* Blade Thickness @ Habaki: 0.3
* Blade Width @ Kissaki: 0.9
* Blade Thickness @ Kissaki: 0.2
* Kissaki Length: 1.6
* Sori: 0.6
* Blade Material: Folded Carbon Steel
* Tsuka Length: 11 "
* Hardness: 40 HRC/57 HRC
* Blade Width Length: 1.125 "
* Fittings: Brass
* Lamination: Sanmai
* Handle Material: Ray Skin
* Accessories: Wooden Collectors Box, Cleaning Kit, Sword Bag

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    Customer Reviews

    Author: taylor russell (
    Just got my Tenga Sanmai Katana. Wonderful sword. Made in the traditional construction process, you will not find a better Katana. Very high quality laminated high carbon steel, strong fit and fittings, very solid saya. This is a real katana. Edge is razor sharp, and the hamon is perfect. If you are looking for a traditional katana that you can use in the manner a katana is suppose to be used in, this is it!!

    Author: Carl Kisselman (
    First let me say, I love this sword. I got the blue one because they were out of the black one when I ordered my sword. Let me tell you, this sword is no joke. The blade came sharp enough to shave the hairs off your arm and it is stunningly beautiful. No doubt about it, this is the nicest sword I own. The Hamon and wood grain pattern of the steel is a thing to behold. This sword isn't a replica or play thing. This sword is a true weapon designed to deal death in the hands of warrior. Yet, the sword is also as much a piece of art as it is functional. If you want a real sword that won't break the bank, then this sword is for you. Beautiful, functional, stunning, deadly; wow.


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