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  Fujin SanMai 4000 Layer Katana #95

Fujin SanMai 4000 Layer Katana 

NOTICE - Please contact us for availability before purchasing.

Zheng Wu Forged Katana
Exact fittings as the Fujin Katana
SanMai 3 Layer construction
Core is 1095 Carbon Steel (no HI)
Outer layer is (4000 Layer) folded 1045 carbon steel
Water Quenched and Heat Treated
Clayed producing a natural hamon with an edge hardness of 57 HRC while maintaining a resilient body at 40 HRC
Full-Tang with traditional single peg construction
Rayskin panels wrapped in cotton cord wrap
Copper Tsuba, Brass kashira and fuchi
Comes with display case, sword bag and cleaning kit

40.5 inches overall
29 inch blade
11 inch handle


Price: $399.99


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    Customer Reviews

    Author: John Rogers V (
    i dont now much on damascus steel but can it cut bamboo

    Author: Donald Barnard (
    Any sword you'll find on this site is capable of cutting bamboo. The quality of the steel and the workmanship are exceptional. As the new owner of a Baika Katana I will say that this weapon is DEADLY and should in no way be used in a manner inconsistent tradition or general safe weapon handling standards. In the wrong hands it will remove a limb with surprising ease.

    Author: april mahoney (

    Author: John Simpson (
    Just wondering when this item will be back in stock. Very interested in buying one.

    Author: Rodrigo Ugarte (
    This sword has a blood groove? Because in some photos it has one but in the others it doesn´t.

    Author: James Tuinstra (
    No HI, that means no blood groove. Looks as if it has the picture of the Fujin Katana #90 which is simular in apearance to show the Tsuba. But the blades are not the same. I just ordered one I will tell you how I like it.


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